Fashion Café at Wetterlings gallery during
SFD in August

16- 22 augusti 2004

S13, c/o Helgöstam & Zethelius

Storholmsgatan 4
S-127 21 Skärholmen

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Fashion Café at Wetterlings gallery during SFD in August

During Stockholm FashionDays in August (16-22) there will be an exciting Fashion Café at Wetterling’s gallery in central Stockholm. The Fashion Café is the result of cooperation between Stockholm FashionDays, Stockholms Textilhandlareförening, newspaper Metro and Lucire.

The Fashion Café will be filled with a lot of interesting activities such as fashion shows, exhibitions, installations and seminars. Since the gallery is next door to one of Stockholm’s most known restaurants/night clubs there will of course be a great party every night with good music, nice bar prices and happenings.

“ A lot of the activities will be open for the public but there will also be some closed events. All of us that cooperate about this think it is important for the fashion industry to have a good relationship to the public – after all – they are the customers.” says Henric Zethelius, project manager of SFD. will be updated with the latest information on the activities until the very last minute before the happenings so keep checking it out cause there can always be some late news that you don´t want to miss.

If interested in participating in Stockholm FashionDays in any way or if interested in more information do not hesitate to contact Henric Zethelius at, +46-8-21 01 02, +46-70-721 41 13.

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